Only One group per day
Kyoto Townhouse Lodging

A luxurious space, like your own home,
like a holiday house or like a secret getaway.

Kyohanayado is a lodging limited to only one group per day.
We are to offer an ideal space to spend
a private luxury time with your loved ones,
friends and colleagues.

Kyohanayado Hontei 7 minutes by bus or taxi from Kyoto Station. A private rental lodging in Horikawa-Matsubara.
World Heritage Sites Nijo Castle and Nishi Hongan-ji are found on Horikawa dori, and also Matsubara-dori(the old Gojo-dori)is known for the legends of Benkei and Yoshitsune.
Kyohanayado can be found in Horikawa-Matsubara, where these two historical roads intersect.
7 minutes by taxi from Kyoto Station. Why not set your sightseeing base to Kyohanayado, the best location to major sightseeing spots.

[ Kyohanayado Hontei ]

京華宿 本邸
Kyohanayado Nijo Castle Villa Kyohanayado Nijo Castle Villa is a Kyoto town house lodging within walking distance of the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle, a very quiet area of Kyoto. JR, Subway, and Hankyu stations are nearby, and you can also enjoy shopping at Sanjo Shopping Street where a variety of shops are waiting for you.

[ Kyohanayado Nijo Castle Villa ]

Kyohanayado Nijo Castle Villa
Kyohanayado Nest “Mibu”, where the Shinsengumi was founded.
Kyohanayado Nest is within walking distance of of Nijo Station, in an area where you can experience the atmosphere of the local area and a mood found only in Kyoto. Enjoy the boldly painted vermilion bird mural, and the richly creative bedroom based on a bird’s nest.

[ Kyohanayado Nest ]

Kyohanayado Nest